In 1984 I applied to Urals Academy of Architecture and after earning my diploma I changed my mind to do architecture. So, I applied to a small film studio and worked as a production designer for several films.


Since 1996, I've worked as an advertising photographer. I take photos of food, fashion, interiors, and architecture. But I really love to make portraits. I have worked with advertising agencies and magazines.


Since 2000, I have worked as a 3D artist. I have made castles and interiors for films. When I worked in animation studio, I made many kinds of liquids and other type of dynamics with RealFlow. It was needed for an animation serial , so we made one episode per week. We worked under tight deadlines. In this case, it was best for me to do the dynamics with RealFlow.


When I worked for the animation project "Smeshariki. The long way to home," I worked as an environment artist, plus some additional work. I did "animation blocking" with camera motion. It was trully necessary because the animation film is going to be in 3d stereo format. I made the production line for environments in this project. I had to take into account the foreground and background, and also the elements in the middle plane which made space feeling deeper. I designed the styles and details for the scenes in this project with camera motion and then gave them to teams of modelers and animators. When scenes are finished, I start to work as a modeler and texture artist.


Ready for relocation.


There are my photos from the period when I worked as advertising photographer: